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    Posted : 3 years Ago
    Hi there! How have you been? Missed talking to you!
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    My Latest

    Try this one on for size ... Remember when Religion becomes Nazi-ism it also becomes Fanaticism !!!


    She fucks me with her cross, she screams that "she's the boss" ...
    Insists she'll take the loss, don't stop to count the cost ...
    It's what she means to me, are you too dumb to see ...
    Her truth is choking me, won't she just let me be ...

    Don't preach your deity, evil divinity !
    Dog-fucking ministry, unholy trinity !

    As she tastes the steel, gun oil makes her squeal ...
    She licks the bullet wheel, oh god can this be real ?
    She's laying on the bed, her pretty pussy spread ...
    Giving blue steel some head ................................
    ............................. Next thing I know she's dead !

    Don't preach your deity, evil divinity !
    Dog-fucking ministry, unholy trinity !

    Don't preach your god to me,because he can't see me !
    Goat-fucking ministry, misguided trinity !

    © January, 2014 ~DaveDoom51~ all rights reserved

    I wrote this with the idea that a band like Combichrist should do a song with it. Listen to Combichrist's rendition of "Fuckmachine" to get the idea.
    Pretty grandiose thinking on my part, huh ??

    We will lay 'neath scarlet skies, upon the bones of those we slaughter....
    Use their flesh to feed our chanting, their blood becomes our holy water.
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Geezzzz I haven't been here often enough Here is summn I like and hope you will too Rock On, My Friend !!!


    She saunters down the sidewalk...
    Seeking stares and hungry glances...
    From scalawags and vagabonds...
    Eyes promising forbidden chances.

    Glitzy dress cut up to there...
    Panties tucked inside her purse.
    Wicked smile upon her face...
    Her thoughts deliciously perverse.

    Satan's mistress, slowly walking...
    Ferel eyes notice everything.
    Searching for a willing convert...
    A lover who can make her sing.

    A man with liquor in his veins...
    One whose soul remains un-stained...
    A soul somehow that's still un-claimed...
    That she might taste, what his soul contains.

    Suddenly her footsteps falter...
    She feels a flush rise in her cheeks.
    Forgotten passion rages through her...
    She's found the very thing she seeks.

    Just ahead a man is walking...
    His back is all that she can see.
    Never has a mortal man...
    Made her burn, with such ecstasy.

    Erotic images fill her mind...
    Dew gathers on her nether lips.
    Only thoughts that she might lose him...
    Allow such dreams to be eclipsed.

    She notices then, he must have turned...
    While thoughts of carnal acts still churned...
    Within her mind, will she ever learn...
    Her Stygian fulfillment, must first be earned.

    How could he vanish so completely...
    Lose himself within this crowd?
    Such actions vex this sultry daemon...
    They simply cannot be allowed.

    To her surprise she feels the heat...
    Of this mortal who's eluding her.
    As he approaches from behind...
    Did she allow this to occur?

    She gasps to feel his arms around her...
    Strong arms propel her through a door.
    And there he has her from behind...
    Upon some merchant's unclean floor.

    She feels his seed erupt inside...
    Feels somehow that she's been denied...
    It's probably only wounded pride...
    She sets such ugly thoughts aside.

    After all her clear intention...
    Had been to find one such as he.
    To do precisely what they have done...
    Though not atop foul floor debris.

    She feels him stirring deep within her...
    Is it his wish to come again?
    His first words, whispered in her ear...
    "I promise you exquisite pain."

    "You see, the seed I have emplanted"...
    "Within your heartless womb this day".
    "I paid to have my seed enchanted"...
    "It will eat your very flesh away!"

    "Remember as you slowly die"...
    "As you curse, and as you cry"...
    "My anger will not be denied"...
    "Because of you, my brother died!"

    © July, 2008 ~DaveDoom51~ all rights reserved

    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Hmmm, I bet this would be fun. So how have you been?
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Trick or Treat?
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Good afternoon, Mistress Eve!
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Oh Yeah!
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Friday The 13th
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Good afternoon ma lady!
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Hi there!
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