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    I am a devout Satanist and dedicated Black Metal Drummer. If you would like to know more about me, I suggest you write me an interesting message and make an effort to converse about something worthwhile, for I am much more of a complex being than most of you would likely assume. I come here seeking unique and like-minded individuals and also dedicated musicians and artists of all kinds.
    Nature of Earth, all of its beautiful wonders, magnitude of its creative and destructive powers. Glorious gift of life, thoughts of death, diversity of human pleasures and pains. Ecstasy of silence, atmosphere of music. Exploration of Nether Realms, worship of Ancient Darkness. Cosmic Space beyond . . .
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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Have a wicked birthday
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    Congrats to you for making Top Member of the day!
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    congrats in top member!!
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    i missed you man!
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    Welcome to the Midnight Crowd, SAITAN666. Here's a 10 for you.

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