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    Where to begin? My name is Paul. I am 34 and live in Mobile, AL (originally from Plattsburgh, NY). I am known by many names: foxxy, bubby, Starchild, star, ruffles (ruffles4mermie on Fet Life - I am the proud pet of theermaid there). I've known Aijin_Hyo and dark_innocence for YEARS and they are the reason I am here. I have a bachelor's degree in Human Services Management (still looking for that job in my field) and am taking a break after four straight years almost non-stop! I like video gaming, writing, drawing, and chatting (can you tell?) Anything else...just ask!
    Video games (mostly the classics, but I do own a PS3 and a Wii) Anime Movies (both on tv and in the theater) Antiques Classic advertisements
    Narrow-minded people Drama Impatient people Other stuff I may think of at a later date...
    I have a lot of favorite groups ranging from my absolute fave KISS to some of the poppy garbage like Ke$ha (guilty pleasure, I know).
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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Birthday!
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